The secret of success

Ever wondered why some people are high achievers while others consider life as a constant struggle? The answer is quite simple. It is not just based on talent, luck and effort. In reality it is way more important to focus and manage your life.

This is what self improvement and life coaching is about. Determine the most important self improvement aspects in your life, evaluate them, set self improvement targets, plan action and execute your self improvement plan.

Immediate change

Of course you have heard it all before: “get rich and successful with my coaching”. A lot of them are mainly focussed on getting themselves rich and succcessful. And that is not always in your best interest. Change won’t come overnight. It requires dedication and serious effort.

The good thing is, that although you cannot change your life overnight, you can change your direction or destination overnight. That part is actually quite easy and will help you to be happier instantly.

We all know how it feels to be driving without direction or in the wrong direction. Getting on the right track gives immediate relief. This is why a self improvement plan can also change your happiness immediately.

Why would this work?

Have you ever wondered why some people are happy and successful and other are not? One could argue it is just related to luck. But in fact there are countless examples of extremely successful people that were not at all lucky from the start.

There is a lot of empirical evidence that acceptance of ownership of is the key to happiness. Nobody can change your life but you. To say it popular: ‘you are the manager of your life’ or ‘the captain of your ship’. Duh? You already knew that? So then it is time to get started for serious now!