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Self Improvement Areas

After you have logged in, you can define and edit the self improvement areas in your life. The aim is to categorize your life in order to manage effectively. Common examples of areas used are: Relation (Partner), Family, Physical & Mental Health, Work, Finances, House, Spiritual, etc.. All areas you define will be presented on the main panel (right).


Make sure you give sufficient attention to health in your life plan. It has been proven over and over again, that good physical health creates a healthy mind and spirit. Also the opposite is truth, a healthy mind is very effective against illness, physical problems and boost your resistance. Treat your body as your temple, you only have one.

Bad habits

That eating healthy and sports are good for you should come as no surprise. The question is then why so many people still fall in negative patterns. Habits like eating fast food, candies, drinking too much alcohol, smoking and restraining from sport are many times based in a dominant inner critic. People are looking for comfort to still feel good. But the effect of all these habits is diminishes over time and makes people feel worse. The inner critic is enforced. Time for your inner coach to come out.

Believe in yourself

Once you inner life coach is able to dominate your life, things will change. Before you have reached this stage it is of vital importance to believe in yourself. Believe in your abilities, give yourself some time, keep believing and stick to your goals. Success comes from persistence and never give up because your inner critic tells you so. Only change plans in a serious life planning session with yourself. Loose comments about 'can't do' should no longer be accepted.

Relatives and friends

One problem you might encounter when starting self coaching is the reactions from your relatives and friends. Imagine your planning sessions requires changing your direction. This might have an impact on them as well. That is why you should consider them in you planning sessions. If you have a constructive approach, the change should benefit them as well. Negative reactions from jealous people can sometimes be neutralized by a constructive conversation. If not, maybe let them play a less important role in your life.