Evaluate your life

Taking time outs and evaluate your life regularly is the basis for a successful and happy life. Neglecting your needs and desires will make you a ship adrift. Act based on your goals instead of just going with the flow. It makes a difference from day one.

How to start a life plan

improve and enjoy the rideThe best way to start is by creating some time slot in your agenda. In the beginning it is advised to at least plan a session every week. It does not need to be a long session an hour might be sufficient. Putting it in your agenda is a good way to ensure you do not forget or let it slip. Alternatively you can decide to choose a fixed day. For example ‘every Wednesday evening after bringing the children to bed’. The aim is to create momentum. This is exactly why new year resolution normally have little or no success. Evaluating once a year is lacking momentum which is key to successful life coaching and planning.

The main steps of life planning and coaching

Taking regular time outs is the best investment for your life. The idea is to follow the steps below in an iterative manner. A good life plan changes based on the circumstances, new experiences and capabilities. Basically life planning comes down to the steps below:

  1. What are the most important areas in your life?
  2. How do you evaluate them?
  3. How would you like to change them, what are your goals?
  4. What actions are needed to reach these goals?
  5. Execution and progress tracking

There are various fancy online life plan tools, but we recommend to just use a simple notebook like OneNote (do password protect it).