Life expectancy, HIV, AIDS Eastern Mediterranean

Insight in HIV, AIDS and general life expectancy in Eastern Mediterranean.

Life Expectancy, HIV and AIDS statistics Eastern Mediterranean (compared to Eastern Mediterranean)

Based on information from the World Health Organization, you will find an overview of some important health indicators for many countries in Eastern Mediterranean. Besides the overall life expectancy in Eastern Mediterranean also the development of HIV and AIDS in Eastern Mediterranean is described. The indicators included are life expectancy at life expectancy at birth (years), age 60 (years), number of children under 15 living with HIV, number of deaths due to AIDS, number of people (all ages) living with HIV, number of under-five deaths from HIV/AIDS, prevalence of HIV among adults aged 15 to 49 (%). On this website we also provide information about life expectancy, HIV and AIDS for other regions.

Average overall life expectancy and HIV trend in Eastern Mediterranean

One important indicator of the status of health in Eastern Mediterranean is the overall avarage life expectancy in Eastern Mediterranean. The latest WHO information shows that in 2009 the average life expectation in Eastern Mediterranean was 66. In 2000 the average life expectancy in Eastern Mediterranean was 64 years.

Deaths children younger than 5 due to HIV by year in Eastern Mediterranean


HIV, AIDS and overall life expectancy country reports for Eastern Mediterranean.

In the table below you will find the links to the various country reports in Eastern Mediterranean. See more regions here: other continents.

Country Reports

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